New home for your business

On the ground floor, there are storage spaces, while on the second floor there are modern office premises.
Clever floor plan and flexible size of the warehouse spaces will satisfy the needs of both large logistics, production or retail companies, and small firms of various industries.

Total space of the building: 20 978 m2

Warehouse space: 19 322 m2

Office space: 1 655 m2

Ceiling height: 10.6 m

Floor load capacity: 7 t/m2

Ramps: 32

Access gates: 8

Rent offer

Smallest section

Minimum total space: 2 628 m2

Warehouse space: 2 417 m2

Office space: 211 m2

Ramps: 4

Access gates: 1


other buildings in the A6 logistics park


Warehouse D

Floor space: 4 916 m2


Warehouse E

Floor space: 6 104 m2


Warehouse F

Floor space: 16 802 m2