Project A6 Logistics Park

Logistics park is located in Riga at 462 Maskavas Street, which is in direct proximity of A6 highway, 14 km from the city centre and just 4 km from the Riga bypass.
The project is being developed by Pillar Capital, that is going to add three new A-class warehouses to the existing complex of three buildings, which will make the total leasable area more than 30 000 m2



17.4 m space between the columns ensures more efficient use of the warehouse space and allows putting more units of the most popular storage systems within the same space that it would be possible in case of 12-metre column step, which has been a popular industry standard before.
A-class energy efficiency certificate is a proof of smart power consumption solutions that ensure lower utility costs for the tenants.


In design and construction we have been following all BREEAM standards to reach a certain level of assessment that would be a direct proof of its sustainability and energy efficiency. A few benefits to mention are the LED lights in the premises and at the territory, EV charging stations, hooded bicycle parking and leisure area for the employees.



Already on construction stage, our specialists are open to the needs and wishes of your business in order to maximise suitability of the new warehouse for you, starting from the office floor plan and up to number of ramps and their specifications.