Solutions / Standards

Increased column step – 17.4 m (the most popular now by now has been 12 m) that ensures optimal use of the premises upon installation of the storage systems of most popular types

Hydraulic delivery ramps for building A (can service both trucks and delivery vans)

Ramps designed in a way to decrease heat loss

Automated modern territory traffic navigation system

LED lighting (at least 300 lx in the warehouse premises; at least 500 lx in the offices)

Sprinkler system

EV charging stations, hooded bicycle parking and leisure area for the employees

Construction standards

One delivery ramp per 650 m2 and additional gate for driving into the warehouse (building A). One delivery gate per 400 m2 (building B)

Jointless flooring with a maximum floor load capacity of 7 t/m2

Free ceiling height: 10.6 m (building A) and 9 m (buildings B and C)

Overhead light hatches (3% of the total space of the building’s ceiling)

Comfortable office premises with air conditioning and ventilation

Fibre cable internet

Additional parking spaces for the trucks within the territory